Visitors – What To Expect

Visitors – What To Expect

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you come to visit us, so let us explain a few things about our congregation.

First of all, we are a welcoming congregation, so do not be surprised if several people come to greet you. When you come into our auditorium fell free to sit wherever you choose, there is no special reserved seating.

All creation praises God and we are all invited to join that praise with singing. We love to sing together as the body of Christ and invite you to join with us, if you would like.

Typically, we are led in a number of prayers during our service, one of which will be led by an Elder of the congregation, as we honor God and come before His throne.

As a congregation we take a portion of our time together to partake in the Lord’s Supper. In this way we remember Christ’s work, encourage one another, proclaim our faith and anticipate His return. You are welcome to participate as well, but please do not feel obligated. Following this time we take up a weekly offering. As our guest we do not expect you to give, so do not feel embarrassed if you wish to just pass the plate to the next person.

Our Pulpit Minister will deliver a message from God’s Word. At the close he will offer an invitation for any who need help in their lives or wish to further pursue their relationship with Christ by taking Him on as Lord and Savior and being cleansed by His blood in baptism.